Artist Statement



Scott Carter
Sculpture and Wood Furniture

In my work, I seek warmth. An avoidance of the sterile. I value the curve far more than the geometric shape. The curve is full of passion, full of life. Wood lends itself to this point of view.

Formerly, the wood was alive and flawed. Grain patterns make me wonder about a trees’ life. Did it struggle? Was it robust? These lines also guide me in the early stages of each sculpture. They might suggest a possible path I had not considered or help me to avoid a dead end.

I try not to create anything in particular. Instead, I focus on an emotion and attempt to portray that. I don’t intend for the viewer to feel as I do. If a small stir of feeling arose within a viewer, that would be a success in my mind.

My pieces are intended as a diary of sorts, a record of moments. A personal attempt to transfer thought to wood.